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The Chantry says that the black city was the seat of the maker, his Golden City created for his beloved children, but once he saw that his first creations lacked the creativity he desired he casted them away. But after the Magisters of the Tevinter Emperium used blood magic to enter it, their…


a list of things I want in Inquisition:

  • ability to remove runes from weapons and not destroy them in the process
  • being able to view achievements/trophies in game
  • appropriate lighting for darker skinned PCs and characters
  • ability to make our female PCs weathered and older like we can the male…


Why do I get the feeling that trying to keep all the companions happy is going to be like

  #dragon age  
me: I hope Iron Bull is a non-racegated bi LI
everyone basically: no, it would be too hard, and other races wouldnt be able to be with him. your expectations are too high and you need to stop and be grateful for what you have already
devs: non-racegated bi Iron Bull romance confirmed
me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
me: I hope we get freckles in the cc
everyone basically: no, there is already so much in inquisition, having freckles would be to hard, you are being too greedy
devs: freckles confirmed
me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
me: I hope there are different kinds of ears for elf inquisitors
everyone basically: no, there are already different types of horns for qunari, you're expecting too much, you need to be happy with what we already have and stop being so greedy
devs: customizable ears for elves confirmed
me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Time for a DA Keep beta access code giveaway


Alright, I’m going to give my last Keep access code away. That way everybody gets a chance.

So um just like/reblog this post to enter. It’ll end on Friday (so tomorrow), at… let’s say 7pm CET and I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner.

Ready, set, go.





positive lady characters meme | Martha Jones + powerful/feminist moment

I was 900% prepared for her to flip the bird for science in this scene like oh here’s the bones of the finger that I use to say ‘fuck you’

hey remember when we used to have companions who were actualized individuals and not just puzzles to be solved

Omfg I love how that woman is INSTANTLY speechless. All Martha did was ask if that’s what she really thought, and she already had no comeback. She expected Martha to just stand there and take her bigotry, but ohhhhh was she mistaken!


"companions will leave the party if approval ratings are too low, similar to Dragon age: Origins, and it is possible to only have one companion remaining in the end. It’s also possible for the companion to betray the Inquisitor depending on the choices made by the player."


  #da:i    #dragon age    #oh no  



So, I had a guy hand me his number today and he followed it with, "I mean no disrespect, but here—"

I told him I was flattered but had a long term, serious girlfriend, who I loved very much.

To which he responded, still pleasant and with polite interest,  ”She’s a lucky woman. How long have you been together?”

THAT is how you approach/handle a ‘no’, boys. take fucking notes.

Reblogging because this is freakin’ important